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How do I hire you?

  1. Gather your thoughts.
  2. Submit a Project Information Questionnaire.
  3. Wait to hear from me.  This process is usually 1-3 days depending on the depth of the information submitted and my schedule. Please read my Terms of Service.
  4. Pay the deposit or full fee depending on the requested service. Once I’ve received payment, I will enter your project into my development schedule.

What types of projects do you accept?

I accept a wide variety of projects based on my current project queue.  Occasionally, I may make an alternative recommendation based on my queue, your timeline, and the overall project.

I work with the self-hosted WordPress platform exclusively.  I also offer matching design services for some bulletin board platforms and a la carte graphic design services, such as headers and buttons, for any platform.

I also provide training and code tweaks – not just full development projects 🙂

When will my project be completed?

My development queue varies from day to day, but can be up to several months depending on the scope of the projects.  Due to the nature of the design process, I work on multiple projects simultaneously and work smaller projects and training in around those projects. If you have a deadline, please let me know that when submitting your Project Information Questionnaire. Delays in receiving the necessary information to complete your project may result in moving your project to the end of the queue to maintain workflow.

I need my project done sooner.  Can you still help me?

Sure, if you need your project done sooner or need emergency service, I offer expedited service option for an additional fee of $500 or 25% of the cost of the project, whichever is higher, over and above the cost of the project.

How do I pay you?

I accept payment via PayPal Business Payments (eCheck) through FreshBooks. I also accept personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders via mail as well. Payments for projects estimated at $500 or less are due in full prior to starting the project. Larger projects require a 60% deposit. Please be aware that your project will not be entered into my development schedule until I have received payment and the payment clears. Any delay in payment may significantly delay your project as other projects may be scheduled first.

What’s your schedule?

I work full time, 5 days a week, generally Monday – Friday.  However, my hours may vary on a weekly basis. To maintain my creativity and sanity, I generally do not work weekends.  If you need emergency service or would like me to work the weekend to get your project done sooner, I offer an expedited service option for an additional fee of $500 or 25% of the cost of the project, whichever is higher, over and above the cost of the project.

What’s the process?

I start your project work on my development server. Once I feel the project has reached a point that it is ready for feedback, I will email a link to you for review. At this point, you can provide feedback as far as design, design elements, etc. Final payment must be paid prior to the site going live. Once paid, I will transfer files to your server and get you up and running! Read my full Terms of Service for additional information.

Can I remove your footer credit?

No, removal of the footer credit is against my terms of service for custom themes I design.  You agree to keep the footer credit intact when you hire me, even if you don’t read this. My terms require that the footer link remains in place as long as the theme is used. This does not apply for psd to Genesis services or maintenance of sites not designed by me, though I do reserve the right to include psd to Genesis projects in my portfolio.

Do you work on every host?

Unfortunately, I must say no. Currently, I don’t work on sites hosted with Dotster, Network Solutions, or Windows servers.

Can I make changes to my design specification after you’ve started?

Sure! It is my goal for you to be happy with your design. You always have the opportunity to add or change your design ideas and specifications. However, this can add to the time I spend working on your site and most likely will cost more. Obviously, I expect that there will be some small modifications to the design as we go along. These “revisions” are included, within reason. Changes to the overall design scope and functionality, etc. are “redesign” or “additions” and are not included in the original price.  Please keep in mind that sometimes a perceived small change may actually take quite a bit of time to accomplish. Read my full Terms of Service for additional information.

What support do you offer for the design you create for us?

I offer free support for using your new WordPress site for 30 days after your design is complete. Additions or changes to the design or support requested after 30 days will be billed at my hourly rate.  At your option, I can also install WordPress Video Training. Maintenance packages are available – ask me for more info.

What about discounts?

I don’t generally offer discounts on services. Any discounts on products and services are not available if paying by credit card.

You helped me fix my site through a forum, and I’d like to say thanks. Do you have a Donate button?

I get this question once in awhile, so here it is 🙂 But, I’m also perfectly happy if you like my page on facebook or send me a tweet! @dreamwhisper | Facebook