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Default Thumbnails for the Genesis Theme Framework

If you want to add a default thumbnail for each of the thumbnail sizes specified in your theme, look for the following code in your theme’s functions.php file. The above code reflects 3 of the image sizes added to the Poise Child Theme (which I plan on releasing soon), used for example purposes. The above code may look different depending on the number and size of the images added to your … Read More

Change the default Genesis Favicon

As of WordPress 4.3, you can upload a 512x512 file to use for your favicon under Appearance > Customize > Site Identity. A favicon, short for favorites icon, is a small image associated with your website that is typically displayed in the browser address bar, favorites menu, bookmarks menu, or on the browser tab of your web browser. The default "G" favicon that comes with Genesis is … Read More

Change the Genesis Header Home Link

While I generally wouldn't recommend linking to an external site from your header, on occasion, you may need to change the URL of the header home link. For example, if you have set up your WordPress install in a subdirectory as a secondary area of an already existing site, you may want the header URL to direct users back to your site's main homepage. Changing it is simple. Place the following … Read More

How to setup the Genesis Author Box

The Author Box in Genesis and Genesis Child Themes displays an author image and an author bio, exactly like the one with my photo and bio seen at the end of this tutorial. To set up the Author Box display, there are really just 2 easy steps. Step 1 – Set up your Gravatar The author image is a Gravatar or Globally Recognized Avatar. Your Gravatar follows you from site to site and appears … Read More

Reposition the Genesis Breadcrumbs

Moving the breadcrumbs from their default location is very simple. The first step is to unhook the breadcrumbs from the default location using the following code: You can, then, place the breadcrumbs at another location using a different Genesis Hook. To move the breadcrumb so it’s above both the content and sidebar, we would use the following code. The final code will look like … Read More

Load a different sidebar on specific pages in the Genesis Framework

The Simple Sidebars plugin will allow you to include additional sidebar widget areas in the primary or secondary sidebar locations. However, on occasion, you may want to use a completely different sidebar on one or more of your pages. For example, one of my clients wanted a different sidebar to appear on the blog page, archives, and single post pages. In order to do this, you will need … Read More