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Move the Genesis Framework Author Box

By default, the Genesis Author Box outputs directly after the post. To move it to an alternate location, you'll first need to remove it from the original location using the following code in functions.php. To add it back to an alternate location, you would need to something like this, using one of the Genesis hooks: Let's say you already added an ad using the … Read More

Relocate the Genesis Footer Widgets

Since Genesis 1.6, you can add footer widgets to your child themes with one line of code.  You can read more about adding the footer widgets at StudioPress. By default the footer widgets are output just before the footer.  If you want to relocate them you can do that using hooks. In this particular case, I wanted them output just outside the content-sidebar-wrap. Bonus: Show the Genesis … Read More

Control Genesis Theme Framework Structural Wraps

Controlling the structural wraps in the Genesis Theme Framework is actually just one line of code since Genesis 1.6. So, why is this a cool little code snippet?  Adding and removing class=wrap inside of the #header, #nav, #subnav, #inner, #footer-widgets, and #footer divs just became much easier.  Very handy for me indeed since I add a div inside of inner quite frequently in my Genesis … Read More

Design adjustments and the Genesis Primary Navigation Option

When the Genesis Theme Framework primary navigation menu is not selected for display in Theme Settings, a design may not properly display because the navigation menu normally takes up space. And, while on most sites a primary navigation will be displayed, it may not always be true. This is especially important to consider when developing Genesis Child Themes. I deal with the problem by adding a … Read More

Customize the Genesis 404 Page

Customizing the Genesis Theme Framework 404 page is really pretty easy.  Of course you can simply copy the 404.php from the Genesis theme folder into your child theme folder and make your edits there.  However, I just tend to leave the bulk of the 404 page alone and add a custom image to the top of the page.  It's pretty simple to do via functions.php, though not all of the usual hooks are … Read More

Conditionally Remove the Genesis Author Box

The Author Box is easily removed from the single post page within a particular category within the Genesis Theme Framework. Use the following php to remove the Author Box from the single post page within your chosen category. Just make sure to replace the category ID, name, or slug. Read more in the WordPress Codex. Place the code in the functions.php file, anywhere after this: And … Read More